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About Us

Why we created

People have the power to move, inspire, and create. Our communities help to foster relationships that give purpose. Friendships and bonds created through moment of happiness are what life’s all about. We grow stronger bonds with time. Sometimes an instant unexpected connection can come just when you least expect it.

The organizations we join. The dinners we go to. The parties we enjoy. The getaways we take. The roommates we live with. Time is our most valuable asset, and how we send it matters more than ever.


We built Payclub to foster positive relationships through finances. Increased convenience, tools to manage money together, and accountability never before available to a group.

Whether your collecting dues for your campus organization, collecting payments for that upcoming spring break vacation, managing the utility bill with roommates, or fundraising for your upcoming philanthropy – we hope Payclub helps you to build your friendships, creating lasting memories.