Collect payments together with
friends, co-workers, roommates, club members, teammates, fantasy league players, thrill seekers, music festival goers, spring breakers, bachelor partiers

Introducing Payclub - the simplest way to organize, collect, and track payments instantly with a group... and it’s free!

Collect payments, together

Introducing Payclub - a next generation group payment platform that allows you to manage money together with a group, or “club” as we like to call it, each with its own unique digital wallet.

Your organizations, teams, vacations, fantasy league, family, co-workers, roommates, and friends will thank you for Payclub.

Unlimited Groups

Unlimited groups

Payments with a group has never been easier! Create a group, whatever your reason. Use once or multiple times.

Full Control

Total control

No more IOU’s. No more spreadsheets. Automatically keep track of payments, so you can do, well, whatever it is you rather be doing!

Collect money for free

It’s free. Enjoy!

Don’t let payments get in the way of your next adventure. Simply connect your bank account and start living up the experience economy.

Collect, organize, and manage payments

Creating a Payclub account is incredibly easy, and takes less than 60 seconds to sign up. Simply create a club (group), add your friends, and request funds. You can pool together money in a seperate group account, or allow members to request funds from group. It’s never been easier to split charges:

  • Charge each member of the club (group) evenly
  • Split the total amount owed by club (group) members
  • Or, request custom amounts. Make a mistake? Edit on the go!

Why you should use Payclub

For the first time there is an end to end solution to collecting payments with a group. With a whole set of features not found in other applications, it’s no wonder why groups of all kinds are using Payclub.

Easy to Use

Simply connect your ACH bank account and start collecting payments in an instant for free. Receive progress updates when payments are made.

Payclub is the only group payment platform that allows you to have unlimited group wallets for each group.

Analytics in an instant

“I love collecting payments” - said no one ever…

Never again will you have to pull out multiple apps, make logs in a spreadsheet, or calculate payments on a napkin. With Payclub, you get instant updates as to when payments are completed, giving you a full understanding of your progress.

Transparency: It’s more than just a feature

With Payclub, the entire group knows who’s paid, who hasn’t, and where their money is spent, increasing accountability of receiving payments. Stop spending time managing funds and get back to whatever it is, well, you love doing.

Security is priority #1

We protect your sensitive account info with bank-level security. 256-bit TLS encryption, multi-factor authentication, and all parts of each transaction are tokenized. In essence, we keep only basic information, keeping your money safe and secure. Read our Terms of Service for more info.

There is no better option to use when collecting dues. We found ourselves using multiple overpriced companies. Payclub was not only free, but was WAY easier to use than anything out there.

Adam Billness

Treasurer of AEPI, CalPoly SLO

I used it for one weekend with friends for a bachelor party. Game changer. Everyone who bought anything throughout the weekend just requested their payments. It was the most efficient app I have ever used for payments with a group.

Philip Saladino

Best man

Where do I begin? Payclub is different than anything out there. We use is for our roommates. All the transactions were in the group so I never lost track. And my roomates paid almost immediately since they knew my other roommates could see if they paid or not.

Robert Mingo